Woman detained for driving in Saudi Arabia still incarcerated

Loujain Al-Hathlool challenges Saudi Arabia's driving ban on women
YouTube / حملة 26 أكتوبر

A woman who attempted to drive into the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia is still in jail a week after being arrested for defying the country's ban on female drivers.
Saudi activist Lujain Al-Hathlool filmed herself driving from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia on 30 November, as part of campaign '26 October', which stands up to the country's ban on women driving. Her video has already chalked up more than 940,000 views.

She also kept track of her trip on Twitter, where she told followers to "follow me to find out what will happen at the border", reports the BBC. Al-Hathlool continued to live-tweet her encounter with Saudi border guards, who took her aside and made a number of phone calls. Friend Saudi journalist Maysaa Al-Amoudi travelled from Dubai to the border to bring Al-Hathlool supplies.

The 25-year-old tweeted that she was still at the border after 24 hours: "Twenty-four hours spent on the border of Saudi.

"They won't give me back my passport and they won't let me pass through and no word from the Ministry of Interior. Complete silence from all the officials".

It is thought that Al-Hathlool is currently being held in Saudi custody. Human rights organisations have been united in calls for her release.

Watch Al-Hathlool's video for yourself below:

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