Original Batmobile sells for a mere £90k at auction

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Heritage/Bournemouth News/REX (4271236a)The Batmobile carEarliest DC-licensed Batmobile known to exist to be auctioned, Texas, America - Nov 2014The world's first Batmobile has emerged for sale for a whopping £300,000 after being rescued from a field where it spent almost 50 years languishing. Batman's famous car was built more than 50 years ago from a 1956 Oldsmobile 88 that was converted to look just like the one from the comic books which made the Caped Crusader famous. The iconic 17ft motor took three years to complete, and hit the road two years ahead of the famous Batmobile that appeared in the popular 1960s TV show. It was originally silver but when 'Batmania' broke out it was repainted in black with red trim and featured a huge fin at the back, a feature that became symbolic of Batman. The Batmobile was used by DC Comics licensee All Star Dairies to promote its ice cream on a tour around the USA. But by the late 1960s it had been superseded by newer models and the car was given back to its original owner who then sold it for just $200.
Heritage/Bournemouth News/REX

When it comes to cool cars, they don't come much cooler than an original Batmobile. Obviously we're not the only people to think that, as one of the last classic Batmobiles to go up for sale raised a whopping £2.6 million at auction last January.
You might expect the original Batmobile to raise even more, then. However, this 1963 machine has sold for a mere £90,000 – at its first sale since it was completely forgotten for nearly five decades. As for the new owner, details have yet to be released.

This 1963 Batmobile may be the original, but with its quirky styling it's clearly not as popular as the iconic 'Barris Batmobile' which was built for the 60s Batman TV show and sold for around 29 times more last year.

The less-loved 1963 model, however, is a replica of the car driven by the DC Comics superhero and was customised over a period of seven years. Batman fan Forrest Robinson spent years customising a 1956 Olsmobile 88 fitted with a '324 Rocket' engine to make it look like the finned machine which appeared in DC's 40s and 50s Batman comics.

Talking before the sale, Margaret Barrett from Heritage Auctions, which managed the sale, told Sky News: "This is a great piece of lost pop culture and Americana. There is a lot of interest in it."

Before the auction the car had been fully restored by online collectible car market place, Toy Car Exchange. This latest Batmobile to be sold arrived five years before the Barris Batmobile which starred in ABC's TV series Batman, which ran for three seasons.
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