McLaren expands special operations division

Bespoke McLaren models

Bespoke machines and hyper-powerful supercars are all the rage. So what could possibly be better than blending the two in one package?
This is clearly the school of thought that inhabits McLaren's – no doubt pristine – corridors of power. McLaren Special Operations – no, not that type of special operation – have created a new and peculiarly-named 'MSO Defined' "category of personalisation", which offers customers everything from new aerodynamic kit for their McLarens to carbon fibre interior trim.

Whether you fancy adding a carbon fibre rear diffuser or 'extended side door blades' from the limited-edition MSO 650S to your machine, MSO can oblige. New options go as far as a weight saving carbon fibre rear deck and mirror arms to Formula 1 inspired shift lights mounted on the instrument cluster to give track day enthusiasts a true racing feel.

McLaren MSO Defined
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McLaren expands special operations division

The new 'Defined' range of upgrades becomes the fifth tier of the company's personalisation programme, which range from MSO Bespoke where buyers can create ultra-exclusive creations to MSO Heritage, which caters for maintenance and modification of the brand's iconic F1 supercar and the Mercedes McLaren SLR.

MSO Bespoke provides "an almost limitless level of customisation to McLaren owners", claims the company. Lucky McLaren drivers can choose from unique paint, leather and stitching colours, bespoke upholstery and even body changes to make already rare McLarens truly unique.

These bespoke options have proven popular with buyers already; around 95 per cent of P1 buyers have option for some form of bespoke additions. As for the other tiers of MSO's work, there is MSO Limited which produces special edition models and an MSO Programmes P1 GTR Driver Programme, which creates cars for exclusive track days at some of the world's most exclusive F1 tracks and provides driver training.
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