Ferrari Enzo lookalike started life as Ferrari F430

Replica Ferrari F430
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The world of supercar replicas is normally quite predictable. Person owns mundane Toyota, aspires to own supercar, can't afford one, so turns their Toyota into shoddy Ferrari wannabe. The end.
However, that is not the story with the latest big money Ferrari replica on sale on eBay; this machine really is a Ferrari underneath the skin. But instead of being the Enzo it claims to be, it actually started its life as a mere F430. And the price for such trickery? That'll be $400,000 (£255,400) please.

Most replica sellers try to justify their supercar butchery with affordable running costs and stunning looks and that's exactly what the Texan seller of this Enzo wannabe attempts to do with his sales spiel: "Million dollar look without the excessive maintenance, insurance, or concern".

Fake Ferrari Enzo
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Ferrari Enzo lookalike started life as Ferrari F430

We would assume though, that for most people a Ferrari F430 is cripplingly expensive enough for the saving over Enzo running costs to be meaningless. It's not even the most convincing of replicas, with the car's drooping nose and distorted profile giving the game away.

The Frankenstein's monster of a Ferrari features a carbon fibre body with an aluminium frame, real Enzo alloy wheels and has covered just 4,000 miles. If you believe the seller it will also go up in value "as almost all Ferraris have been for the past years", though we're pretty sure that that doesn't include Ferraris pretending to be other Ferraris.

The icing on the cake, though, is how the seller tries to justify the reason for selling his machine: "I simply have too many cars and not enough time to enjoy all of them."

It's a hard life, etc etc.
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