Video: Safety campaign uses 'sexy' lollipop men and women

Scantily-clad lollipop man and woman staff pedestrian crossing
YouTube / DriveStartTV

Sex sells or so they say. So it's only natural to ask whether sex appeal can make the roads safer. Maybe.
Anyway, 'sexy' lollipop men and women are being used in the latest road safety campaign, which targets pedestrians who have been drinking, and attempts to encourage them to use proper pedestrian crossings rather than meandering across the road when drunk, reports the BBC.

The research carried out in a part of Oxford which is a popular drinking spot for many students, covertly filmed around 400 pedestrians crossing Cowley Road. While just 47 per cent of people correctly used the crossing without the lollipop man and woman, this dropped to a mere eight per cent with the scantily-clad patrol in place.

Showing the need for some action to improve night-time safety on zebra crossings, there have been over 30,000 adult casualties on pedestrian crossings since 2009.

Take a look at the video below to see this hi-vis campaign in action:

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