Demand for 15-plate private registrations crashes DVLA site

Demand Tipped To Outstrip Supply For New Registartion Cars
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Private number plates have gone from being a niche purchase to big business, with '25 0' setting a new DVLA record last week, when it sold for a whopping £518,000.
Not many motorists may be willing or able to stump up so much for a registration plate, but so many drivers were trying to browse and purchase new '15' plates when they were released yesterday, that the DVLA website crashed.

The updated DVLA personalised registration website added the new batch of registrations at 8:30am yesterday morning, but site users quickly reported problems with the site, writes Motoring Research. Number plate shoppers complained about pages being slow to load and others failing to load at all. Other buyers stated that they could see that the number plate they wanted was available, though they couldn't finish the purchase process.

Shortly after issues were reported, the DVLA twitter feed stated that high demand for the site had been causing issues. Later in the day, however, the DVLA reported selling £1.3 million worth of plates in just 40 minutes. By the end of the day, though, the total sales extended to 7,000 registration plates and a huge £3.6 million of sales – an average of £514 per plate.

If you're after a 15 plate, head over to the - now fully functioning - DVLA personalised registration site. We imagine that many people will be fighting to get their hands on 'TR15TAN', 'AL15TER', 'CR15TAL', 'TW15TED' and even 'AN15TON'.

Have you missed out on your dream number plate because of the website issues? Let us know in the comments below.
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