Tesco slashes Champagne to £8: the best deals for Christmas

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Tesco has announced a huge festive bargain: the price of Louis Delaunay Champagne has been cut from £25.99 to £8 until Tuesday (2 December). It's traditional for the supermarkets to launch cheap booze sales at this time of year, on the grounds that they get you in through the door and then they can tempt you to stay for the rest of your festive shopping. However, this year the bargains are better than ever, as the supermarkets square up in a battle for your custom.

The Louis Delaunay Champagne has been selling at half price (£12.99), so this cut isn't going to seem so dramatic on the shelves, but it's a massive drop from full price. It's not among the priciest of the brands, so doesn't have the snob value of a Moët or a Veuve Cliquot. However, it won a bronze medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in a blind taste test designed to find the best wines behind the brands, so would be suitable for any festive celebration.

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There's more than a slight chance that this move is designed to compete with the incredibly cheap bottles of champagne on offer among the other supermarkets. Asda, for example, has cut the price of its Pierre Darcys Champagne from £24.25 to £10 (and will run the deal until 1 January) and Sainsbury's has slashed the cost of Henry Dumanois Champagne from £16 to £12 - it has also reacted to the price cut at Tesco by launching a special offer of 25% off all wine until 8 December when you buy six bottles or more - so at the moment the champagne will cost you £9.

The discounters, meanwhile, offer cheap Champagne year round, with Aldi's Veuve Monsigny Brut is priced at £9.99 (although occasionally the price will vary and go up to as much as £11.99) and Lidl's Comte de Senneval costs £11.99. The Aldi Champagne also boasts a silver quality aware from the International Wine & Spirit Competition last year, and won a bronze medal during the same challenge as the Tesco wine this year.

Tesco, however, beats them all on price - undercutting its rivals by at least £1 a bottle, and ensuring that bargain-hunters will clear the shelves this weekend.
Fancy brands

Meanwhile, if you need to show up with a fancy brand of Champagne, there are decent deals to be had at the supermarkets, where some of the swanky brands can be picked up for under £20. Asda performs very well in this department, offering Piper-Heidsieck at £20 (down from £30), and Heidsieck Monopole at £15 (down from 29.75). Sainsbury's does well for Moët & Chandon priced at £18.75 if you buy six or more (down from £33), and Morrisons is well-priced for Nicolas Feuillatte at £14.99.

It seems that now is the time to stock up on bubbly for Christmas, with the brand you want to buy dictating the most sensible place for you to buy it. The only challenge now is to try to leave the store without being tempted to load the trolley up with a host of other festive goodies while you're there.

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