Man jumps from plane without a parachute

Sinead Moore

A man jumped out of plane without a parachute in California and astonishingly landed safely on a trampoline.

In the shocking footage, the man, known only as Travis takes a 9,000ft plunge from a plane and free-falls to the ground without a parachute.

The thrillseeker can also be seen flying through a hole in the roof of a building before landing safely on a trampoline.

But don't try this at home folks because the jump was in fact a stunt created by Sector 6, a tramploine park in the US, according to Asia One.

In the footage, a presenter explains that Travis will jump out of the plane without a parachute, fall through a three-by-five metre opening in the top of a roof, and land onto a trampoline.

There are two things which make the highly implausible stunt possible: the reinforced trampolines that absorb the impact from the jump, and a 'revolutionary' geomagnetic positioning system which Travis wearS on his belt, reports the Daily Mail.

"We don't have a margin for error," says the narrator. "If Travis makes a mistake on this, it's catastrophic."

Travis somehow pulls off the stunt and is greeted by a cheering crowd.

Online critics however, have questioned the credibility of the video and some claim it is a marketing ploy by Sector 6 trampoline park in New Orleans.

Stuntman Makes Skydive Without Parachute in UK
Stuntman Makes Skydive Without Parachute in UK

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