House for sale - complete with with King Arthur's grave

Sarah Coles
Property for sale, complete with King Arthur's grave
Property for sale, complete with King Arthur's grave

On the face of it, it's a beautiful five-bedroom property in Caerleon in Wales, which would appeal to anyone with £1.2 million to spare and the freedom to live at this end of the M4. However, according to local folklore, it's far more than this: it's also home to the grave of King Arthur.

The home

The property itself is impressive. It boasts five bedrooms and seven reception rooms (including a kitchen, family room, games room, gym and an office). There is also a leisure complex on the site which includes a heated swimming pool, sauna, changing rooms and showers - plus a separate party room with its own cellars. It all sits in three acres of manicured grounds, and comes with a triple garage.

Aside from the King Arthur-related claims, there are a couple of things that make this property stand out. The first is that golf fans may appreciate that the house, called The Mynde, backs onto the Celtic Manor Golf Resort - which plays host to the Ryder Cup. The second is that the remains of a Norman castle have been found in the grounds, and a number of archeological remains dug up from the garden.

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The claim

However, what makes it really unusual, is the fact that it is rumoured to be the final resting place of King Arthur. The property particulars state: "Local legend says that King Arthur and his knights are asleep in the centre of the mound."

Those who believe the legend point out that the house is close to the remains of a Roman amphitheatre, which is said to have been where Arthur's court and the round table were based. The legend calls his resting place Avalon, and says that his body was carried there by boat after he was injured in battle. This would mean he was injured in Somerset and rowed across the Bristol Channel to Wales.

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The competition
However, before history fans get too excited, it's worth pointing out that there's plenty of competition for the claim of King Arthur's final resting place. There are some who say he is buried in Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset. The monks claim to have dug up his grave and buried him in a tomb - proving this was his resting place. However, they also claimed to have dug up St Patrick.

Others claim that he and his knights are 'sleeping' in a cave near Alderley Edge in Cheshire - which has been established by a number of local legends featuring farmers who met strangers who showed them the cave and the knights. The same claim has been made of Saddleback in Cumbria, established by local legends.

Meanwhile others reckon he was buried near Baschurch in Shropshire (while the Holy Grail was kept nearby in Whittington Castle and Wroxeter is built on the site of what was then Camelot).

So rather than being the definitive resting place of a king, for your £1.2 million you can get an enormous, well-cared for mansion with some great modern additions - with an outside chance that you're also playing host to the grave of King Arthur.

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