Tesco Black Friday will be bigger than Boxing Day sales

Sarah Coles
Tesco joins in the Black Friday frenzy
Tesco joins in the Black Friday frenzy

Tesco is jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon this Friday. It has launched a web page devoted to the day, and announced that it will be offering up to 70% off 200 items in store - making Black Friday bigger than the Boxing Day sales at Tesco

There will be £15 million worth of deals across five departments: electronics, entertainment, mobile toys and DIY. The supermarket is remaining coy about the exact deals, but has revealed that there will be 70% off 'a leading branded coffee machine', 50% off an HD ready LED TV and 'significant discounts' on games console bundles.

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Where Did Black Friday Come From?
Where Did Black Friday Come From?

Take advantage

Not every store will be taking part, but the website has a store locator to find your nearest Black Friday participant. The deals will be available to click and collect from one minute past midnight - which is how Tesco expects two thirds of purchases to be made - with the rest going on sale when the stores open.

For those who want to get in quickly and snap up the best bargains, it makes sense to be poised by your computer at one minute past midnight, with a wish list of things in these departments, so you can scan quickly for the items at the top of your list, and order them fast. It has to be easier than queuing outside your local Tesco in the early hours and hoping you can sprint fast enough to get your hands on the best bargains first.
Supermarkets buy into Black Friday

Sainsbury's has announced it will take part in Black Friday for the first time too, while Asda has said it will offer more promotions than last year - when some stores sold out in the first two minutes. Tesco, meanwhile, is going all-out to be the Black Friday retailer of choice. Rob Hattrell, General Merchandise Director for Tesco said in a statement: "Black Friday now marks the real start of Christmas shopping and Tesco is recognising this with its Black Friday sale in-store and online. "

The size and number of discounts means that Tesco said it expects to sell more on Friday than it will on Boxing Day. The decision to make such a splash has led to speculation that this is the supermarket's latest desperate attempt to reverse its disappointing sales results, by drawing customers on what is becoming the first official day of the Christmas shopping season.

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