Six hunting hounds killed by train in Devon

six hunting hounds killed by train in Devon

Six hunting hounds were killed by a train when they ran onto the tracks in Devon.

According to the Mid Devon Gazette, around 30 dogs belonging to the Dartmoor Hunt ran onto the tracks between Langham Levels and Fardel Bridge on Saturday, when several were hit by a passing train.

Organisers of the Dartmoor Hunt said it was a "very distressing and regrettable" incident.

Tom Lyle, joint master, said: "Nothing like this has ever happened to the hunt before and it was very upsetting to all involved."

A train driver with Network Rail reported hitting the dogs near Ivybridge, reports the BBC.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: "We were contacted by the police to alert us that a pack of hunting hounds were unaccompanied on the line.

"We then received a call from a train driver to say that he had gone through the area and had noticed the pack of hounds.

"He reported that his train had struck six of them, who died as a result of their injuries."

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