Sebastian Vettel goes undercover as dealership mechanic

Seb Vettel prank

Proving that Germans do indeed have a sense of humour, Red Bull F1 driver Sebastian Vettel has donned a disguise to prank unsuspecting visitors to a German Infiniti dealership.
Dressed up in with a mullet (naturally), a faux beard and fake potbelly hidden under his dirty dungarees, Vettel manages to fool a number of the dealership's customers into thinking he's nothing but a harmless (as harmless as a man with a mullet can be, at least) spanner monkey, who's there to take them on a gentle demonstration drive.

Predictably, Vettel soon turns things up a bit, doing big skids and generally driving like a man unhinged, in an attempt to provoke a camera-friendly reaction from his passengers.

Unfortunately, we don't see whether Vettel reveals himself (not like that) to the quivering car buyers after their short thrill rides, though we're rather surprised none recognised him under his redneck-esque disguise given his worldwide fame.

The video below is filmed entirely in German, though it's not hard to follow.

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