Would you buy Aldi's skiwear?

Aldi launches new range of skiwear
Aldi launches new range of skiwear

Aldi is shaking up the exclusive and expensive world of skiing, by launching a new range of skiwear, which it says can kit out a family of four for just £160. But will it catch on among the fashion-conscious ski set?

The ski slopes are some of the most fashion-conscious places in the world. They are the natural home of designer sunglasses, cutting edge gear running to several thousands of pounds, and layers of silk and cashmere. However, Aldi has announced that it's taking on the designers, by launching a new winter sports range.

The Ski Pro range includes waterproof jackets from £35 and trousers from £30, ski gloves from £4.99 and goggles priced at £7.99. For the past year it has also had a Specialbuys Ski range, offering cut price thermals.


It's certainly a cheaper way for beginners to get into skiing - especially when there's costly travel, hiring skis, boots, poles and helmets, and ski passes to pay for. However, it's not exactly a revolution.

Aldi has sold skiwear for the past decade (taking advantage of its huge European market where skiing is a mainstream sport). Before this launch, the Specialbuys Ski Range could already kit you out for the slopes at less than £160. The new range just offers more choice, and lays claim to technical excellence.

For the dedicated bargain-hunter, there are other options to consider too. Across the high street Topshop and H&M are offering a ski range that's pricier than the Aldi offerings, but is far cheaper than the traditional top end suppliers A ski jacket, for example will set you back between £60 and £90 at these two stores. There are also great deals to be had at TK Maxx and Sports Direct, which should keep the cost of hitting the slopes down to a manageable level.
But the biggest competition for Aldi has to be Lidl, which is offering a range of 18 products, including a ski jacket for £18, which undercuts even Aldi. Both of the discounters are well worth a visit if you're considering buying skiwear. However, you'll need to be quick, because both have a policy of stocking items for a short period in order to encourage fast turnover. If you wait more than a couple of weeks, you'll be lucky to find anything left.

After that, for real cut-price options, you can hit eBay and snap up the many second-hand skiing items which people have worn once and then grown out of before they had chance to go skiing again. There are plenty of ski jackets and trousers starting at £10 or less, plus gloves for less than £3. And while second-hand thermal underwear isn't going to appeal to everyone, there are plenty who are willing to slip into a 1980s ski suit if they can get their entire outfit sorted for less than £10.

But what do you think? Would you get your skiwear at Aldi?Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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