Poundland's Frozen branded baby wipes: unusual merchandise

Poundland sells Frozen branded baby wipes

Poundland is making a splash with its range of Frozen merchandise. It claims to have sold 16,000 Frozen branded items every hour during peak shopping periods last week. However, a closer look at its range has revealed an unusual choice: amidst the jigsaw puzzles, bracelets and hair products, is a packet of Frozen branded wet wipes: for those parents that couldn't imagine their child performing a bodily function without an appealing Disney tie-in.

It's not the first surprising choice for merchandising, and we reveal ten of our favourites:

1. German World Cup Baby Lederhosen
The Team Germany World Champion Baby Lederhosen was released to celebrate the team's success at the World Cup. The babywear company that came up with this memorable notion decided it wouldn't be complete without a matching dribble bib.

2. Jar Jar Binks tongue lolly
Sadly this confectionery, produced to mark the release of the first Star Wars film, is no longer on sale. In future, fans will be denied the delights of being able to press a button to release the tongue from the Gungan's head, and then sample a lolly fashioned into the shape of a tongue.

3. Asda wearable England flag
This was released to enable England football fans to support their team during the World Cup, while keeping their hands free of cumbersome flags. As an idea it's faultless: it's just unfortunate that the finished item bore a remarkable resemblance to the kind of thing worn by the Klu Klux Klan.

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4. Sex pistols perfume
Punk isn't all about smashing the system, it's also about smelling lovely. The French perfume house that came up with this idea is marketing it as "revolution in a bottle" - which apparently smells like peppery lemons.

5. Kiss coffin
You'd have to be a die hard metal fan to want to be buried in this steel Kiss Kasket, featuring images of the band adorning a black and silver coffin.
6. Justin Bieber Piñata
Sadly these aren't official merchandise from the Canadian singing sensation. However they are stocked all over the internet by party shops. So if you have always wanted to take a stick to an image of Bieber, and be rewarded with sweets, then all your wishes have been granted.

7. Star Trek urn
After a loved one passes, you can have their ashes placed in an urn featuring the 'Stardate' of their birth and death, an image of the Enterprise, and the words 'To Boldly Go..."

8. The Color Purple teddies
To advertise the release of the harrowing film about abuse, the film company decided the best merchandising option was a purple teddy bear with a t-shirt featuring the name of the film.

9. Sex and the City pants
What better way to show your enthusiasm for the Sex and the City film release than with a four pack of thongs - each representing one of the girls in underwear form? Aside from putting their names on the box, it's not entirely clear how else these pants are meant to embody the spirit of each of the girls.

10. Hunk Hogan's feather boa
The Hunk Hogan merchandise site is packed with all sorts of macho wrestling memorabilia However, nestled in there, and perhaps unsurprisingly advertised at a sixth of its original price, is a canary yellow feather boa.

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