Drunk man's bid for world's worst job interview

Sarah Coles

We can all think of job interviews that could have gone better, but one man has recently managed one that really couldn't have been much worse. The San Diego man reportedly arrived at his interviewincredibly drunk on Monday, and then things deteriorated even further.

7 San Diego News reported that according to El Cajon police, Jose Lopez was incensed when his prospective employer suggested that he could smell alcohol on his breath, and tried to attack him. The interviewer managed to get him in a headlock, at which point, Lopez drew a knife and stabbed him in the arm.

Fox 5 San Diego added that fortunately it wasn't terribly difficult to track Lopez down, as he had completed all his personal details on the job application form. Police popped round and arrested him immediately.

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If Everyone Was Honest at Job Interviews
If Everyone Was Honest at Job Interviews

Worst job interviews

As job interviews go, this is a hot contender for the worst of all time. However, over the years there have been some real stinkers.
In 2013 a 27-year-old in Portland managed to make his job interview more memorable, by suffering a heart attack in the middle of it. He was rushed to hospital where he had a wireless defibrillator fitted. Months later he returned to finish the interview - and got the job.

In Brooklyn in May 2011, a job seeker made the unusual decision to steal a hard drive while he was completing a job application form at a shop. He was caught on CCTV, so he was called back for an interview and arrested as soon as he arrived.

But one of the weirdest examples was when Perth police decided to set up a fake job interview for a murder suspect last month. They had no evidence against him, so undercover police approached him with a job offer. During the interview, to demonstrate his credentials, he admitted murder. He was arrested the following day.

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