Land Rover under fire over Snowdonia photo shoot

Land Rover Defender
Stock image - Credit: Land Rover

British 4x4 manufacturer Land Rover has attracted criticism from conservationists, over claims it damaged the landscape by holding a photo shoot on top of a mountain in Snowdonia.
The carmaker drove its Defender model to the summit of Moel Eilio, which locals claim caused extensive damage, with a number of deep vehicle tracks evident.

Land Rover said it was "concerned" about the damage caused, though stated that the land owners were present to oversee the photo shoot, the BBC reports.

However, this hasn't stopped mountain users from expressing their ire. Climbing instructor Garry Smith took to Twitter with the following image:

His concerns were echoed by John Harold, director of the Snowdonia Society, which works to protect the mountain range: "Land Rover should be standing up for the countryside, not arrogantly treating it as a playground.

"This is the height of irresponsibility, setting an appalling example and doing so very publicly.

"Moel Eilio has not long since recovered from a serious period of damage from 4x4s.

"National parks in particular deserve more respect."

While it expressed its dismay at the damage caused, the Snowdonia National Park Authority confirmed it was powerless to act on matters concerning private land.

"Unfortunately, it is the landowner's prerogative to allow such activities on his land and it is very frustrating that we as an authority cannot stop harmful pursuits such as this from taking place," a spokesperson told the BBC.

Land Rover has since offered to conduct repair work to affected areas, though had been advised not to do so due to the track in question being frequently used by other traffic.
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