Price comparison points to cheapest Christmas dinner

Caroline Cassidy
christmas dinner table
christmas dinner table

As Christmas approaches, families up and down the country will be wondering how to pay for it all, but if your budgets are squeezed, there is good news today as a price comparison has revealed your slap-up meal, with all the trimmings, can be had for just £21.31 if you shop around.

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The hard work was done by the Good Housekeeping Instituted, which has been monitoring prices since 2009, and revealed that each member of the family can be fed for just £2.66 each this festive season.

The rise and rise of budget supermarkets, and the subsequent price wars amongst the big names, means the cost of Christmas dinner is 53p less than last year.

Among the frugal finds were a turkey from Lidl at £9.99, Aldi's sprouts at 49p for 750g and carrots for 49p for 1.2kg. Tesco came out on top when it came to parsnips, at 90p for 750g, while the Co-op's spuds were just £1.5 for a 1.5kg bag. Sainsbury's Basics range offered two Christmas puds for just £2, and eight puff pastry mince pies for 65p a pack.

If shopping around isn't your bag, however, Iceland will be your best bet. As well as bargain frozen goods, the store offers fresh Christmas fare, and the festive basket came in at £27.83 for a family of eight. Lidl finished second at £28.13, with Morrisons and Aldi taking third and fourth spot at £29.12 and £32.06 respectively.
Caroline Bloor, consumer director at Good Housekeeping, told the Daily Mail: "It's a constant struggle for many to keep family food bills under control, but the current battle between the traditional supermarkets and the discounters is pulling prices down for everyone - and will continue to do so."

Ms Bloor added: "It's a real time of change, and we'll be monitoring it closely to see who's really focused on the customer."

So the advice, it seems, is to shop around if you want to cut the cost of your Christmas this year - it could save you a bundle.

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