Convictions 'add £55 to car policy'

Convictions 'add £55 to car policy'

Speeding offences make up almost two-thirds of driving convictions, adding around £55 to the average motor insurance policy, according to research.

Looking at five years of convictions, comparison site MoneySuperMarket found 65.2% were for speeding.

A total of 13.4% were for careless and reckless driving, while 7.9% related to offences such as ignoring signs and traffic lights.

Licence and insurance offences made up 7.3% of the convictions, while 4.5% related to drink-driving or drug-driving.

MoneySuperMarket spokesman Kevin Pratt said: "Having a conviction on your licence can typically add £55 to a car insurance policy. Some violations will add more and some less, depending on the severity of the offence, but a conviction is a sure-fire way for motorists' premium prices to shoot up.

"Speed limits are just that - a limit. They are not a target to be achieved in the shortest possible time and distance."

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