Caterham team selling F1 kit to raise much needed funds

Caterham crowd sourcing fundraising website
Crowdcube / Caterham

The Caterham F1 team's dramatic financial plight has left bosses struggling to find spare change down the back of the sofa to fund its racing exploits. In attempt to boost company coffers, Caterham is now offloading tonnes of racing kit in a F1 firesale.
This Formula One boot sale sees motorsport fans able to get their hands on everything from driver's balaclavas and Nomex under-race suits for less than £50 apiece, to nose cones for £5,500.

There are also some more bizarre F1 entrails for sale, from wheel nut retainers for £52, wishbones for £200, exhaust manifolds for £300 and gearbox housings for £430. If you have a spare £45,000 spare you can even receive corporate hospitality for the upcoming Abu Dhabi race and meet the drivers over the three-day race weekend.

The team has so far raised around £1,360,000 from more than 4,600 backers – averaging out at a substantial £295 per backer. Despite selling out of many of the items, Caterham is still only 57 per cent of the way towards its £2,350,000 target – with just 12 hours left, as we write.

Caterham memorabilia starts at £5 for limited edition badges, with branded lanyards at £25 and special edition T-shirts at £55. We don't doubt that there are many racing fans happy to buy their own bit of a F1 car to boost the team's bank balance, but we are quite impressed that they have managed to sell out of £525 differentials and £515 steering columns.

If you fancy your own bit of Caterham F1 history and want to support the team, head over to the company's fundraising website to show your support.
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