Video: Rocket-propelled bicycle beats Ferrari in drag race

Record-breaking rocket-powered bicycle
YouTube / rocketman340

A French cyclist has ridden a rocket-equipped push bike into the record books by hitting 207mph at a racetrack in France.
Francois Gissy took just 4.8 seconds to accelerate to more than 200mph at the Circuit Paul Ricard racetrack, near Marseille.

To demonstrate just how fast his bike is, Gissy decided to go head to head with a Ferrari in a drag race. And the bike breezed past the Ferrari with ease.

And he's not finished just yet as he believes he can achieve 250mph on his next run. However, he must first raise the much needed funding required to develop his bizarre two-wheeled creation.

The rocket-propelled bicycle, named Kamikaze 5, was designed by Mr Gissy's Swiss friend Arnold Neracher, and has been used in a series of ever-faster speed challenges organised by the two men since 2011.

Speaking to the BBC about the new record Gissy said: "It's extremely intense, that's why it's a real feat. The bicycle is extremely lightweight, there's no aerodynamic covering and the force of the drag is extreme - maybe 200kg of force on my body.

"At the moment [of riding] it's very scary - there's no pleasure like you would get from a motorcycle. But when you stop, you think - yes, that was amazing."

See this speedy contraption in action in the video below:

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