Three share £1.7m Lottery jackpot

Students win Lottery
Students win Lottery

Three jackpot winners shared £1.7 million in last night's National Lottery, Camelot said.

The winning numbers were 09, 05, 44, 41, 13 and 10 and the bonus number was 39. Set of balls seven and draw machine Merlin were used. The prize winners will each take home £569,684.

Saturday's estimated jackpot is £4.1 million.

Two players matched five numbers and the bonus ball to win £68,207.

Matching five balls, 144 people scooped £804 each.

A total of 8,194 ticket-holders matched four numbers each to take home £74 each.

Winning £25 each, 160,428 people matched three of the six numbers.

There were 50 winners in the Lotto Raffle, winning £20,000 each.

Nobody won the top prize of £130,000 in the Lotto HotPicks draw.

The winning Thunderball numbers were 34, 12, 30, 07 and 19 and the Thunderball number was 04.

No one won the top prize of £500,000.

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