Over 50 per cent of road deaths occur on 10 per cent of roads

inside automobile after wreck.  ...

A new study from the Road Safety Foundation has said that the majority of serious and fatal collisions in the UK happen on just 10 per cent of the country's roads. Not only do a small proportion of roads account for most road accidents but there are sizeable differences in the risks of collisions across regions, with roads in the West Midlands being the safest in the UK.
According to the study, the East Midlands has the most dangerous roads in the UK, with Wales following closely behind and Scotland in third place alongside Yorkshire and the Humber. Fifth on the list is the South East, followed by East Anglia, the South West, North West and North East.

Rural roads are not surprisingly the most dangerous, with 60 per cent of fatal collisions occurring on country roads despite these roads being used for only five per cent of the UK's journeys.

Motorways are apparently the safest roads and collision rates have been reduced on this type of road by 20 per cent in the past two years. However, drivers in the South East are most likely to be involved in a collision on the motorway and drivers in Wales the least likely.

Predictably motorcyclists were highlighted yet again as the most at-risk group of road users. Bikers make up only one per cent of traffic yet account for 21 per cent of serious and fatal collisions.

Lord Whitty, Chairman of the Road Safety Foundation told Yahoo Cars: "It is often neither difficult nor expensive to raise infrastructure safety. It brings high returns to the economy. It requires systematic measurement of risk. The in-built safety of the infrastructure of roads, like cars, is now measured worldwide.

"We should not be driving five-star cars on major roads which have only a one and two-star safety rating. Like other leading nations, Britain must set an explicit minimum three-star rating for infrastructure safety for major roads."
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