Pork scratching shows tattoo identifying the pig

Sarah Coles
Could this pig have a future as pork scratchings?
Could this pig have a future as pork scratchings?

Adrian Mullins, a 41-year-old businessman from west London, bought a bag of Traditional West Country pork scratchings from a pub in Twickenham, to accompany his pint. But as he tucked into the snacks, he came across something that proved a startling reminder of he origins of the food: one of the scratchings clearly showed the tattooed number used to identify the pig.

He told the Daily Mail: "I couldn't believe it when I lifted the pork scratching out of the bag and the numbers caught my eye. You could clearly see four numbers and I knew straight away it must have been the identification code for the pig." He said it was a "brutal reminder" of where his food had come from, but it didn't put him off. A spokesperson for the manufacturer said this occasionally happened but that the ink used was not toxic.

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Guy with McDonald's Receipt Tattoo Gets Another Dumb Tattoo
Guy with McDonald's Receipt Tattoo Gets Another Dumb Tattoo

Mullins wasn't too alarmed by his discovery, and as unusual food discoveries go, he got off fairly lightly. Here are five foods that also traditionally accompany (or follow) a night at the pub - which came with far weirder side orders.
1. In August we reported on the woman from Brighton who bought a bag of chips to eat on the bus home, and had got to the bottom by the time she found the deep fried cockroach.

2. In August 2013 it was the turn of a pizza fan who found a cockroach baked into the crust of the pizza he had purchased from a Leeds takeaway.

3. That same month, a mum from Spalding in Lincolnshire found a razor blade when she was tucking into a bag of tortilla crisps from Aldi. She was alerted by the 'clunk' of the blade against her teeth.

4. A month earlier, a man in County Durham bit into a Burger King burger and came face to face with a slug.

5. And back in 2009 a man in New York found a seven-inch knife baked into the 12 inch sandwich he bought from a Subway outlet. He discovered it after biting into the handle. He launched a lawsuit but settled out of court.

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