Morrisons Christmas food: what will it cost you?

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Morrisons hasn't always been first choice for Christmas. However, recently it joined the supermarket price war and made it clear that it intended to compete on price with the discounters. It means that after years of being an also-ran for the festive season, many people will be wondering how Morrisons compares for a trolley full of Christmas treats.

We've done the calculations and discovered at our trolley costs £56.84 for own-brand products and £60.04 for branded versions (where they are available). There will be plenty of people who are surprised to learn that this indeed cheaper than the rest of the big four in both categories - by a significant margin. It also beats Aldi on price - meaning it achieves its ambition of being cheaper than a discounter.

However, it's worth emphasising that much of this can be attributed to the fact that Morrisons has announced the price of cheap fresh birds, while for Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury's we had to use a typical cost for comparison - which was significantly higher than the Morrisons price. We will have to wait and see how they price their fresh birds to see whether Morrisons can keep hold of the title.

Fresh medium whole turkey (4.8-5.5kg) £28

Morrisons is yet to wheel out the fresh turkeys, but they are available to pre-order with the rest of the Christmas range either online or in store. This is one of the most competitive prices on turkeys among the major supermarkets.

600g of fresh sprouts (bagged) £1.79

Morrisons offers fresh sprouts in different quantities to the other supermarkets, with 600g instead of 500g. However, while the rest of the big four charges roughly £1 for 500g of sprouts, Morrisons is strikingly pricier. In an impressive display of counter-intuitive pricing, it's currently offering a massive reduction on its 750g bags - down from £2.24 to 99p.

White potatoes (2.5 kg) £1.99

Morrisons proves more expensive again on fresh vegetables - with substantially pricier white potatoes than the rest of the big four. Sainsbury's takes the title for cheapest at just £1.25.

1kg carrots (bagged) 69p

Morrisons doesn't do brilliantly for carrots either - and is the second most expensive of the big four - after Tesco. Anyone who thought the claims of matching the discounters were going to mean cheaper shopping all round could be a bit disappointed with their performance in the vegetable aisle.

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Morrisons Petit Pois (1kg) £1.75
Birds Eye Field Fresh Garden Peas (800g) £2.10

We've opted for own-brand petit pois for comparison, because instead of offering a 1kg bag of garden peas like everyone else, it has a 500g one and a 1.5kg one, neither of which are great for comparison purposes. It's more expensive than the big four own-brand garden peas, which tend to be around £1.60. It's also the second priciest for branded peas after Sainsbury's.

Gravy Granules for Chicken (200g) 79p
Bisto for Chicken Gravy Granules (300g) £2.19

Morrisons does better here, falling in the middle of the pack for both the own-brands, and the Bisto. Sainsbury's is far cheaper for Bisto at the moment because it has an offer running. The rest come in around the same price point as Morrisons.

Christmas pudding
Morrisons Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding (100g) 99p or 2 for £1.50

Morrisons' own brand competes impressively with the rest of the big four as the only one to come in under £1 - and an offer at the moment putting them at just 75p each.

Brandy butter
Morrisons Courvoisier VS Cognac Brandy Butter £1.85

There's a deal running at the moment, reducing the price from £1.85 to 2 for £3, so if you happen to need a lot of brandy butter, Morrisons is a great option. Otherwise you may be better off with Sainsbury's at £1.60.
Mince pies
Morrisons Festive Christmas Pies £1
Mr Kipling Exceedingly Merry Mince Pies £1.79

Matching the rest of the big four, Morrisons is pricing its mince pies at the round pound. The Mr Kipling Pies, meanwhile, are priced at a very competitive £1.79 - making it the cheapest of the big for four the brand.

Tin of Quality Streets
Nestle Quality Street Tin (780g) £5
This is similar to the rest of the big four - although Tesco currently has them on offer at £4.

Morrisons Christmas Family Crackers 12 per pack £4
The Christmas cracker range is not yet on sale, but the preview prices show that when they are launched, like the other supermarkets, there were be a range of prices available. The cost of 12 crackers starts at £4.

Wrapping paper
Wrapping paper is not yet on sale, and prices are not yet advertised, as Morrisons clings to the unfashionable idea that it's not actually Christmas yet. From past experience we can expect the wrapping paper range to match the rest of the big four, starting at £2.

Sparking wine
M Signature Vintage Cava (750ml) £6.99
This is one of the cheapest for own brand vintage Cava, but does not stock the Codorniu Brut Vintage Cava being used for comparisons, so we will include a typical price of £7.65.

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