Aldi Christmas food: what will it cost you?

Sarah Coles
Christmas at Aldi and cheap Christmas food: chocolate santas
Christmas at Aldi and cheap Christmas food: chocolate santas

Aldi has been working hard to win a bigger share of the Christmas food market. It has launched a series of seasonal specials including Aldi caviar and a magnum of champagne for just £29.95 - to demonstrate it is ready to offer cheap Christmas food that's still fancy enough for even the fussiest shoppers. Many of us will assume that Aldi is home to the cheapest trolley full of seasonal favourites.

On the face of things, we'd be wrong. That trolley of Christmas food would cost 63.71 at Aldi, compared to just £60.04 at Morrisons. However, that comes with a major caveat. The fresh turkeys are available at Morrisons and are competitively priced. They are not yet available at Aldi so we have had to use a much higher typical price for comparisons.

If Aldi was to match Morrisons for turkeys at £28, then the overall price of the shopping would be £54.21 - more than £5 cheaper than the big four. So to discover who is cheapest we will have to wait for the turkey prices to be released over the next month.

The fresh turkeys are yet to arrive at Aldi, and while the frozen ones are keenly priced at £15 for a large turkey, we will use a typical fresh turkey price of £37.50.

The fresh sprouts aren't on offer at Aldi either - although you can buy 1kg of frozen ones for £1. So for comparison purposes we will use a typical 500g fresh sprout price of £1.

White potatoes (2.5 kg) £1.69

This isn't particularly cheap for white potatoes - matching Asda's price and coming in significantly ahead of Sainsbury's

1kg carrots (bagged) 55p

These are cheaper than the big four - although only marginally cheaper than Asda at 57p

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How To Prepare The Perfect Christmas Turkey In 5 Minutes
How To Prepare The Perfect Christmas Turkey In 5 Minutes

Four Seasons farm fresh peas (900g) 99p

These come in a smaller packet than most of the major supermarkets. However, even allowing for the difference in packet size, this is significantly cheaper than the big four.

Gravy Granules for Chicken (300g) 75p

The design is spookily like the one for Bisto Chicken gravy granules, and the 300g packet costs roughly the same as own-brand 200g packets elsewhere.

Christmas pudding
Holly Lane Connoisseur Christmas Pudding (100g) 65p

This seriously undercuts the big four, and is even cheaper than the special offer currently running at Morrisons. You might want to check you're a fan of the recipe before the big day, but at 65p you can probably justify testing them out first.

Brandy butter
Brandy Butter (200g) £1.49

This won't hit stores until 3 December. However, if you can wait until then, it undercuts even the special offers at the big four supermarkets.
Mince pies
Everyday Essentials Mince Pies 59p
These are so much cheaper than those on offer at other supermarkets that they may be at least worth trying in advance to see if you like them.

Tin of Quality Streets
Sadly there are no Quality Streets at Aldi, so if your Christmas isn't the same without them you'll need to go elsewhere. You could take advantage of the offer on in Tesco at the moment where the cost of a tin has been cut to £4.

Crackers and Wrapping paper
Crackers and wrapping at yet to come to Aldi, which tends to offer seasonal specialties much closer to the time - to leave room for a variety of other goods (this week look out for thermal underwear). Therefore we will work with a typical price of £4 for crackers and £2 for wrap.

Sparking wine
The limited range available at Aldi means there's no Cava to compare. We will therefore take a mid-range own brand price of £7.50.

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