Farmer modifies car to look like sheepdog, sheep oblivious

Sheepdog car
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Sheepdogs have a firm place in most farmers' hearts, as their most loyal farm help. So how does a farmer remember man's best friend when their sheep herding days are over?
Well, one farmer's answer to this question was to turn his ancient Peugeot into a supersized sheepdog in honour of his favourite dog, after she died.

Dave Isaac, who lives on a 180-acre farm near Battle in East Sussex, spent £2,000 converting his old Peugeot into a sheepdog-car. The 46-year-old farmer meticulously modified his car to create an exact replica of Floss, his most prized sheepdog.

Isaac soon found that his sheepdogcar did a surprisingly good job of herding up the sheep, who were happy to be rounded up by a much larger animal than normal, complete with headlights for eyes.

The farmer told the Daily Mail: "I got together with a friend and we built Floss the sheepdog car in my barn, copying as closely as I could every last detail of my old dog.

"Sheep aren't known for their intelligence and they didn't seem to notice the difference so they were quite happy."

Despite spending many hours creating this labour of love, Isaac has now decided to sell the furry car, after having trouble guiding the machine along tight farm tracks and through the gates to his fields.

He told the Express: "They were things we didn't really consider when we built her so with a heavy heart she is going on eBay.

"She drives well, is obedient and nice and docile.

"But it's back to the tried and tested traditional sheepdog again."
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