Easyjet plane aborts terrifying landing in windy conditions (video)

Plane aborts first attempt and perfoms 'go-around' at Amsterdam airport


Easyjet plane aborts terrifying landing in windy conditions

The scary moment an Easyjet flight aborted its landing in high winds has been caught on camera.

The plane was attempting to land at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, but as it gets close to the tarmac it appears to get caught by strong winds causing it to wobble around.

The right wheel briefly touches the runway before it pulls up and takes to the skies again.

According to the Daily Record, a second attempt at the windy landing was successful, and the plane touched down with no injuries.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a planespotter, who wrote: "Difficult approach due to the strong wind and gusts.

"It all seems to go well till the last moment, the right edge of the plane tilts over too much, the righter wheel touches the runway for less than a second the plane pulls up and goes for a second attempt for landing."

Easyjet said the passengers were at no time in any danger and, according to the Daily Telegraph, released a statement saying: "Our pilots are highly trained to perform 'go arounds' as a precaution and in line with our procedures.

"The safety of its passengers and crew is the airline's highest priority."

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