Video: Porsche and Renault track battle sees Clio destroyed

Porsche and Renault Clio 172 crash
YouTube / chameleonwebservices

With the advent of track days and cup races drivers are free to pelt their cars full pelt around a circuit – without the worry of speed cameras or pedestrians.
However, racers do have a new danger to watch out for – other drivers in full red mist. That's exactly what happens to one Renault Clio 172 driver in this clip, as he ends up losing a battle with a Porsche that leaves the little Clio destroyed.

Fighting it out on the narrow twists of the Cadwell Park track the Clio driver is just inches behind the Porsche coming onto the home straight, before diving out to overtake. However, the Porsche driver isn't willing to give up his position at the front of the grid, closing the door on the Clio.

Rather than backing off and going for an overtake on a wider part of the track, the Clio driver keeps his foot down, spearing the front of the Porsche towards the right hand side of the track. Still the Clio driver accelerates.

As the Porsche driver regains control, the back of the car nudges the Clio off the track and straight into the unforgiving pit wall, totalling the small hatchback.

Watch the video below to see for yourself exactly what happened (with thanks to Car Throttle).

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