House in London melts into the ground


Londoners Watch a House Slowly Melting to the Ground

Property is going through the roof in London. But this house is going through the ground.

Londoners passing by in Bankside near the Thames have been left bemused by the disappearing property.

The house, brick by brick, is melting and reducing in height on a daily basis.

One local said: 'I realised it (the house) had another story and it's actually just melted down to become a single story. It's blown my mind.'

Another said: 'I think it's amazing that people are just wandering past and not noticing.'

The melting house is actually an artwork called 'A Pound of Flesh for 50p' by artist Alex Chinneck, and is part of the 2014 Merge Festival in the city's Bankside district.

He built a two-story house sculpture made out of 8,000 wax bricks, reports the Huffington Post.

The festival kicked off on September 18 and the edifice has been melting ever since.

What once looked like a pretty, sturdy home has become a grotesque, warped version of itself. But that's all part of the plan. By the end of the festival it will have become just a huge mound of max.

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