Costa Concordia: Last victim found in wreckage

Sinead Moore
Costa Concordia: last victim found in wreckage
Costa Concordia: last victim found in wreckage

The final victim has been recovered from the Costa Concordia wreckage nearly three years after the disaster.

Russel Rebello will receive a "hero's welcome" when his body is returned home to India.

Salvage workers recovered the body from a cabin on the cruise ship's eighth deck and handed it to authorities to be identified.

According to the Telegraph, workers found his badly decomposed body crushed beneath overturned furniture with an identity card including his name and photograph in his trousers.

DNA tests are to be conducted.

The 32-year-old waiter from Mumbai is the last of the 32 victims to recovered from the wreck.

Mr Rebello's brother, Kevin, spent four months on Giglio after the cruise ship partially sank after it tragicly struck rocks near the island in January 2012.

"My younger brother has finally been found on deck 8 in a cabin of the wrecked Concordia," Mr Rebello said on his Facebook page. "I don't have words to express. Just my pain, my tears and my heart pounding harder and my body trembling when I broke the news to my parents."

According to the BBC, this is the third time local officials have said Mr Rebello's remains might have been found, however, tests on the other two occasions determined that the remains were not his.

The massive liner was pulled upright last year in a salvage operation. In July this year, the Concordia was raised from the sea and towed to Genoa to be dismantled.

The captain, Francesco Schettino, is on trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship, charges he denies. He is due to appear in court again in December.

3 Years Later, All Costa Concordia Victims Accounted For
3 Years Later, All Costa Concordia Victims Accounted For

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