AOL Cars RTOTY 2014: Rolls-Royce Wraith

James Baggott
Road Test of the Year 2014
Road Test of the Year 2014

Blackball Media

It's the most exciting time of the year. No, not Christmas – it's AOL Cars' Road Test of the Year. We've brought together nine of the finest cars to grace showrooms over the past 12 months, and headed for our favourite Welsh testing ground, deep in Snowdonia to sort out exactly which is the best car of 2014.

From limousines to hatchbacks, sports cars to 4x4s, there is no bar to what sort of car we've considered here, just that they've got to be fun to drive. Today, AOL Cars editor James Baggott kicks off proceedings with quite possibly the most ostentatious car of 2014, the Rolls-Royce Wraith.

This is surreal. I'm wrapped in the finest leather, staring at some of the most ornate materials I've ever seen inside a car and yet still I'm wafting along the challenging A543 at a pace that is leaving the rest of the Road Test of the Year crowd lagging behind.