White car popularity linked to iPhone

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White cars have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity over the last decade, with increasing numbers of buyers opting for the hue, which many thought they'd seen die out towards the end of the 80s. One company claims that the popularity of white cars can be linked to the success of Apple technology products, including the iPhone.
By analysing trends in registrations of white cars, vehicle leasing outfit Arval believes it has uncovered a link between the rise in the number of white vehicles and the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the original iPad in 2010.

In a survey of its customers, which cross-referenced car colour preference with various personality traits, Arval also discovered that motorists who drove white cars were most likely to work in higher management, despite their average age being eight years younger than for other drivers, at 38.

Arval commented: "The number of new white cars being registered in the UK has risen significantly since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010. In 2004 registrations of white cars were so low that they weren't reported separately by industry trade body SMMT.

"However, fast forward 10 years and new white cars account for more than a fifth (22 per cent) of all new cars registered, more than for any other car colour."

"We can see a correlation between the growth of white as the most popular new car colour and the launch of the most aspirational consumer electronics," said Robert Pieczka, marketing and insurance director.

"White has gone from nowhere to being the most popular choice, particularly for younger new car buyers, and those who work in management positions. It is seen as dynamic, youthful and helps define cutting edge technology; that's why so many new cars are specified in white."

The research also showed that drivers of grey cars are happier than average, while brown and beige car drivers (two of the least popular colours) tended to be more introverted.

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