Skier performs the ultimate high five (video)

Skier performs the ultimate high five- video
Skier performs the ultimate high five- video

We've all had near-miss high fives that didn't work out so well... But this skier suffered no such high five fate - far from it in fact.

The daredevil skis towards a slope and does a jump over it, managing to high five another skier while he's upside down mid-jump.

A host of comments on Instagram summed up the move, with one writing simply: "Awesome!!!".

Another user said: "That was f****** sick", while another wrote: "That's crazy."

However, there's a few other pictures vying for the best high five ever crown. has a top 25 list, which features a diver 'high finning' a whale, a toddler high fiving a lion through glass at a zoo, and host of other top high fives.

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Meanwhile, cool ski jumps are great when they're pulled off with aplomb - not so much when they're not.

Back in March, an epic faceplant that saw an extreme skier practically eat snow became an online hit when it was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube.

The thrill-seeker reportedly under-rotated while he was attempting a backflip across a road on Mount Baker in Washington.

An in September, one skier thought it would be funny to attempt a jump naked - but wasn't laughing so much when he landed on his bottom and suffered some nasty ice burn. Ouch.

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