Video: Mercedes 190 taken to the cleaners

Mercedes 190 destroyed by pressure washer
YouTube / CuissiTheDeejay

A Mercedes 190 was given a true whitewash in this video as it met its school bully in the shape of a 1000-bar pressure washer, designed for cleaning industrial tanks.
Unfortunately, this compact executive model is no front-line combat vehicle and its interior was practically vaporised under the barrage of water.

The defenceless car was left embroiled in the hydro-riot for the best part of four minutes, which as is seen by the end of the clip, was evidently more than enough.

Some may argue that the people responsible for this act of cruel entertainment could have chosen from many more deserving machines; others will surely get the biggest kick out of watching a Mercedes receive more than its fair share of corporal punishment.

Let's not describe the damage with too many words, for there is a rather interesting video below that will show you just what pressure washer manufacturers mean when they say that pressure washers can be dangerous (hat tip to Car Throttle):

Author: Dan Godfrey
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