Toyota launches manga cartoon to accompany new city car

Toyota Aygo manga cartoon

The second-generation Toyota Aygo city car hasn't been on UK streets for long, but it's already catching British buyers' attention, with Toyota's bold 'Go Fun Yourself' advertising campaign.
Toyota's latest tactic to make this cute city car the must-have urban machine for young drivers, however, is the creation of an Aygo-themed manga cartoon series, penned by UK-based artist Sonia Leong – complete with its own heroine to take on the obligatory monster.

The first installment of this zingy orange, black and white cartoon sees 'The Heroine' – and her trusty Aygo of course – come to the rescue, as the city is under attack from, a monster.

As any good superhero story begins, we start with a generic office worker, probably living an ordinary, everyday life – not quite like Bruce Wayne. She's called into action when the terrifying monster starts attacking the city.

The authorities are desperate for help when this feisty female appears to save the day, fighting the monster that is on a rampage around the city centre.

A heroine wouldn't be complete without her skin-tight costume and fearsome weapons – and of course, The Heroine has all this and more. Don't forget her trusty sidekick, the Aygo either, which is specially designed to best her mortal enemy – with monster tracking sat nav and all. And let's not forget the fire-breathing boots...

This brand new cartoon was launched last weekend at MCM Comic Con in London and features some clever visual references to Toyotas of the past, with the monster's hiding close to Toyota's British base.
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