Will it be a white Christmas 2014?

Roshina Jowaheer
is it going to be a white christmas 2014?
is it going to be a white christmas 2014?

Will it snow in Britain this Christmas? According to weather forecasters, a white Christmas is not looking likely in 2014.

After last year's winter storms caused havoc across Britain, leaving thousands of families in flooded homes and without power on Christmas Day, many Britons will be wishing for a dry Christmas in 2014.

While it is still early for a clear Christmas forecast, meteorologist Leon Brown at The Weather Channel, tells AOL Travel that "the chance of snow falling or lying on the ground at lower levels in the UK this Christmas seems low at the moment – it is more likely to be mild and wet."

With the autumn period expected to be generally warmer and often wetter than normal with no prolonged colder spells, we may see some stormy conditions like last autumn.

A white Christmas might not be on the cards, but Mr Brown adds: "The second half of winter has a colder risk, with the transition during January and February to a more blocky weather pattern. We could see some colder northerly and easterly outbreaks which would bring snow."


The last white Christmas in the UK was in 2010, across Northern Ireland, Scotland, parts of Wales, the Midlands, north-east and far south-west England. The Met Office says this was extremely unusual as there was snow on the ground at 83 per cent of its weather stations (the highest amount ever recorded) and snow or sleet also fell at 19 per cent of stations.

White Christmases are rarer than you think. There has only been widespread snow on the ground on 25th December four times in the last 51 years. Wintry weather in Britain is more likely between January and March than in December.

But weather forecasters can only accurately forecast if snow is likely on any given Christmas Day up to five days before, so don't forget to check back with AOL Travel in mid-December for the Christmas 2014 weather forecast.

If, like us, you're still dreaming of a white Christmas, here are some top spots to walk off your Christmas dinner if it does snow...

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