Rat rod Rolls-Royce goes up for auction

Rat rod Rolls-Royce for sale
eBay / nic98jeff

Car marques don't come much more upmarket than Rolls-Royce. If you're lucky enough to have one of these on the drive – especially a classic one – chances are that you'll be able to raise a substantial figure when you come to sell it on. Provided, that is, you've kept it in good condition and have avoided decking it out with aftermarket kit such as naff alloy wheels and drug dealer-spec tinted windows.
One Rolls-Royce seller, however, hasn't heeded this advice with his 1985 Silver Spirit, which he refers to as "strange item of 1985, king of all Rat Rods". Coated in a rusting paint job, with dramatically dropped suspension, dark tinted windows and an unspeakably ungentlemanly private plate (BLOWJD no less) – which is "worth over a thousand pound on its own" the seller claims – this car is anything but subtle.

Just to add to the visual headache, the owner has seen fit to add knackered-looking purple and rust-flecked wheels. Worst of all, though, is the pair of boots – and let's not forget the disco ball – hanging from the rear view mirror. We imagine that these must slam into the driver's head every time he makes a left-hand turn. You never know, it might just knock some sense into him...

We fully realise that car modification is a very subjective art, but we're sure that Messrs Rolls and Royce are turning so fast in their graves that they might just spin themselves back to life in time for Halloween. But then, we suppose this might just be a perfectly haunting vehicle for them; as long as they can put up with the petrol gauge, which doesn't work, the deafening noise from the back box-free exhaust and spine-snapping ride from the lowered suspension and low profile tyres.

Should you be planning a Rolls-Royce themed Halloween party, head over to the eBay advert now.
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