Bus driver's fight with passenger 'over fare' caught on CCTV

Ruth Doherty
Bus driver's fight with passenger caught on CCTV
Bus driver's fight with passenger caught on CCTV

CCTV footage has captured the moment a bus driver tackled a passenger to the ground in the street in an argument that originally started over the bus fare.

David Newstead, 44, and Tyler Belgrave-Breeds, 23, got into a fight at a bus stop in Bexleyheath, south east London after Tyler's friend, Sean Dickson was thrown off the bus for having an out-of-date pass.

The two young men then appear to provoke the driver by messing around with the bus' wing mirror, which prompts Newstead to leave the vehicle to adjust it.

An object is then thrown at the driver as he makes his way back onto the bus.

He then reacts by launching himself at the passenger, and the pair end up coming to blows on the floor in the street.

Both passengers were found guilty of affray, and, according to ITV News, Tyler Belgrave-Breeds and Sean Dickson are due to appear at Bromley Magistrates' Court on 7 November for pre-sentence reports.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Newstead was given a six-month conditional discharge earlier this year after admitting affray in the incident on 27 March.

Users on YouTube had differing opinions on the incident, with one woman writing: "From this footage, I'd say the driver was silly for his actions, and should be investigated. The passenger was off the bus, and yes the mirror was tampered with, but the sensible solution in this case would have been, close the door, drive on, call it in, and sort the mirror out further down the road."

Another replied that she was "totally wrong", adding: "The driver could not drive on since they altered the mirror twice, and after he was thrown with beer, his reaction is natural. Shame on the police, the judge, etc. The driver is not guilty, the two criminal should be punished heavily because they entered more times on a private property that they damaged to say nothing of the heavy insult of the driver! "

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