Woman steals tourist's Rolex and hides it in her vagina

Woman snatches tourist's Rolex and hides it in her vagina

A 25-year-old woman stole an Australian tourist's $25,000 Rolex and hid it in her vagina at a hotel in New York.

Brenton Price was getting a massage from Shacarye Tims in his room at the Holiday Inn in Chelsea after meeting her at a bar, reports the New York Daily News.

Price put his watch on the nightstand after Tims complained it was scratching her.

When he noticed it was missing about 10 minutes later, Tims suggested that it might have fallen behind the nightstand, before attempting to flee from the scene.

Price chased Tims and stopped her in the hotel's lobby.

As he tried to search her for his watch she hit him a number of times "causing him to suffer swelling and bruising", according to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

Police soon arrived and Tims allegedly removed the Rolex from her underwear and handed it over to an officer, reports 9news.

"I just innocently picked up a girl at a bar and got robbed," Mr Price said.

She has been charged with robbery and grand larceny and is due to appear in court tomorrow.

Tims has previously been arrested for prostitution in Las Vegas and was also charged this week with stealing a Swiss man's credit cards while he slept after an encounter at another Manhattan hotel.

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