Is this the world's worst tourist attraction?

Scenes Of Theme Park 'Love Land' In Jeju

Niagara Falls and the Mona Lisa have been named some of the world's worst tourist attractions singled out by travel experts and reviewers in recent years.

But the most recent 'naming and shaming' of overrated attractions, featured in the International Business Times includes some unlikely candidates, including Sydney Fish Market and the Kodaka Trail in Papua New Guinea.

Of the world-famous Australian fish market, the IB Times says: "Most of the tourists get disappointed as there is hardly anything interesting to see or do in this place. Even if a tourist happens to enjoy buying fish... the sellers here are often accused of being overpriced."

The Kodaka Trial in Papua New Guinea, meanwhile, which attracts thousands of tourists every year, is criticised for being "treacherous and leech infested".

world's worst tourist attractions

Other overrated attractions include the beaches of Acapulco, an area with a high murder and drug crime rate, and Niagara Falls, which has suffered explicit commercialisation.

Meanwhile, in the Seattle Times, travel TV host and writer Rick Steves singles out the Costa del Sol as one of Europe's most overrated tourist attractions, with its "concrete, pollution, ridiculous prices and traffic jams."

And England's Land's End featured as one of Europe's worst tourist destinations and was described as "a tacky tourist trap where greedy businesses have chewed up whatever small bit of charm or authenticity this place might once have had".

Have you visited any of these so-called tourist traps? And do you agree? Leave a comment and let us know below.

Take a look at AOL Travel's pick of bad tourist attractions:

The world's worst tourist attractions?
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Is this the world's worst tourist attraction?
It's been labelled the worst waxworks museum in the world and Louis Tussauds House of Wax's models really are as bad as they get. The attraction in Great Yarmouth is most famous for its terrible waxworks that look nothing like the people they are supposed to be. The models date back to the 1970s and include a scary Prince Edward, an unflattering Princess Diana and George Best not looking his, er, best.
When it comes to Disney, we want nothing but the real thing, but the Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing is all about faking it - a replica Cinderella's castle, Minnie and Donald Duck not quite looking themselves and even a Hello Kitty thrown into the mix. Shijingshan's deputy general manager Yin Zhiqiang told AP: "We do not have any agreements with Disney. The characters in our park just look a little bit similar to theirs."
The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets ranks in the top 30 things to do in New Delhi, but we can't understand why anyone would want to spend their spare time ogling loos. As well as ancient lavs, the museum houses pictures and exhibits – even poetry – related to the history of the toilet. Nice!
If a toilet museum wasn't enough, you can have a 'dirty' day out at a toilet theme park in South Korea. The Restroom Cultural Park in the city of Suwon is the place to go to learn facts about human poo, look around a toilet-themed art gallery and check out squatting figures in the sculpture garden. The park was built in memory of the city's former mayor, Sim Jae-Duck (affectionately known as Mr Toilet) who had a passion for toilets!
We love a good cuppa but a day out browsing teapots, however quirky they may be, isn't really our idea of fun. Maidstone's Teapot Island is an unusual exhibition of 6,700 teapots and while the attraction isn't actually an island it does feature all kinds of teapots - Darth Vader, Winston Churchill and a Dalek, to name but a few. One reason to visit is that it raises funds for Kent Air Ambulance so if you're just after a weird day out in Kent or enjoy looking at quirky ceramics, it may be the place for you.
Do not take the kids to this theme park! In fact, we're not sure it's even appropriate for adults, unless you don't mind spending the day blushing and cringing. Love Land in South Korea celebrates love and sex in the most graphic forms imaginable. The theme park was created to teach newlyweds about conjugal love and is popular among honeymooners. Expect to see an interactive self-pleasuring bicycle with feathers on its wheel, 140 raunchy sculptures and explicit sex-ed films.
Cappadocia is best-known for its magnificent cave homes and quirky fairy chimneys, but one man has turned one of the historic caves into the bizarre and creepy Avanos Hair Museum. The weird museum contains hair samples of more than 16,000 women worldwide and was created by potter Chez Galip, who we're assuming has a strange obsession with hair. Each lock is taped to the walls of the cave with the name and address of its owner on display.
You've heard of Stonehenge but did you know there's a wood version of the attraction? Woodhenge in Wiltshire dates back to 2300 BC and was hailed as one of the most important archaeological finds for decades but some experts believe it's not actually a Neolithic temple, but just the remains of a wooden fence placed by a farmer. Either way, we're not as impressed by the timber monument and prefer its more iconic neighbour.
This tiny statue of a little boy peeing is one of Belgium's most famous attractions. We're not sure why it's so well-known or why it's been dubbed a 'must-see' but apparently it represents irreverent Belgian humour. If you are planning a visit, you may find the statue wearing one of its 760 outfits.
Lawnmowers? To us these garden machines just get in the way and take up too much space in the shed but apparently there's huge interest in the grass cutters and even the British Lawnmower Museum. At the museum in Merseyside, you can look at vintage lawnmowers, browse celebrity donations and check out some of the fastest lawnmowers in the world.

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The world's worst tourists
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Is this the world's worst tourist attraction?

We actually wouldn't have believed this happened if we hadn't seen this picture. A Chinese mother let her infant son defecate on the floor at Taiwan Airport. It wasn't a case of 'there were no toilets' either, as the boy was pictured pooing just 25 metres from the toilet. NowNews published the photo, which was taken by a Taiwanese tour guide. The photo shows newspaper spread out underneath the child.

Here's why you should never manhandle a dolphin... In China, a group of tourists lifted a stranded dolphin out of the water to pose with it in photographs at Dadonghai, Hainan Province. The dolphin, which was already wounded, died, and the tourists were accused of contributing to its death after manhandling the animal for almost 30 minutes. The tourists' photos were posted on social networking site, causing outrage.

Manatees have been protected in Florida since 1893 but that didn't stop one tourist from riding the harmless sea animal when she went for a dip near the city of St Petersburg. Ana Gutierrez, 52, was photographed touching and climbing on top of the manatee. When police arrived they were unable to locate her but after locals gave them photos of the woman, she turned herself in and explained she was unaware that hitching a ride on a manatee was prohibited. Although the animal was unhurt, she could have spent 60 days in prison.

At the end of 2012 when the world was 'about to end', revellers headed for an ancient Mayan temple in Guatemala for 'end of world' parties. The ancient stone temple at Tikal was damaged by tourists who climbed on it during the celebrations. Tikal was visited by more than 7,000 people for a colourful ceremony but it is forbidden to climb the stairs of its UNESCO world Heritage Site and the damage caused was irreparable.

When holidaymaker Labros Hydros came across an octopus while snorkelling in the sea on his trip to Greece, he had just one thing on his mind - dinner! What the 49-year-old mechanical engineer didn't know was that it was the second six-legged specimen ever found. Labros followed tradition by smashing it against a rock to kill it and took the 'hexapus' to a local taverna for a chef to cook it but he refused and told Hydros he should have let it live. The father-of-two cooked and ate it anyway!

A teenager caused outrage in his native China when he etched his name on an ancient Egyptian monument while on holiday with his parents. The 15-year-old boy wrote 'Ding Jinhao wuz here' in Chinese on the almost 3,500-year-old Luxor Temple in Egypt and after a photo of the damage was taken by another tourist and posted on China's Twitter-like website Sina Weibo, users hunted down the boy. His parents said Ding had "cried all night" after being attacked on the social networking site and they were forced to issue an apology in a local newspaper.

Whether you've been on safari or not, you'll know that it's a pretty good idea to stay inside your 4X4 and keep well away from the animals - especially the elephants which can easily crush you. One drunken tourist decided he not only wanted to get up close to the wildlife but that it would be funny to charge at an elephant while at South Africa's Kruger National Park. Luckily for the man, the animal decided to run the other way and not charge back at him. The "disgraceful" footage was posted on YouTube and one user said it was a pity the "elephant did not give you a mauling". Wildlife advocates also called for charges to be brought against the man.

Cringe! An American tourist visiting Florence's Museo dell'Opera del Duomo accidentally snapped a finger off of a 600-year-old statue of the Virgin Mary. Patrick Broderick, 55, who ironically happens to be an surgeon, was trying to compare his finger to one on the marble statue when it broke off. He was arrested in front of his wife and kids and released after questioning. Don’t you wish people would take notice of the 'Do Not Touch' signs?

Usually if you're not too keen on a place you just make the decision never to return. But one tourist was so "disappointed" after driving from his home in Germany to a cottage in Scotland that he threw a pizza and a pot of noodles at his partner. Wolfgang Gruelich, 57, was jailed for a night after injuring his partner when the country didn't live up to his expectations and when released he had to make his own way home while his partner and their children drove back.


The world's worst tourist traps?
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Is this the world's worst tourist attraction?

Don't get us wrong, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is definitely worth seeing but don't expect a peaceful visit to this architectural wonder. Next to the tower, you'll find rows of stalls selling tourist tat - the usual T-shirts, magnets and even a few erotic souvenirs - we're not sure why the city of Pisa hasn't moved these traders away from the iconic site either! And then there are the dozens of tourists who you'll find posing as if they're pushing the tower - not cool and such a cliché!

Instead: Take a tour inside the Duomo and the Baptistery alongside the tower for their impressive architecture and artwork.

This small bronze fountain sculpture of a naked little boy peeing is an emblem of Brussels but what's so great about it? We've seen many a urinating fountain but Mannekin Pis appears on the Belgian city's postcards, in shop windows and even as distasteful corkscrew souvenirs. Yes we know it comes with its own history and dates back to the 15th century but unless you're into looking at fountains, the most exciting thing about Mannekin Pis is that he has a wardrobe of 800 suits and is occasionally seen wearing them!

Instead: Take a walk through Brussels Park where you'll find a number of fountains and sculptures by the likes of Laurent Delvaux, Gilles-Lambert Godecharle and Jean-Michel Folon, as well as a large pond and views of the Palace of Justice, the Place du Trône and the Royal Palace.

If you're looking for the best seafood experience in San Francisco the worst place you can go is Fisherman's Wharf. Yes the fish is fresh and but it can also be overcooked and overpriced - basically made for tourists. You won't find many San Franciscans eating here as it’s teeming with tourists who flock to the Pier 39 shopping mall at the edge of Fisherman's Wharf for its seafood restaurants and souvenir stores. Having said that, it is worth heading in this direction to check out the hundreds of sea lions that bark and sunbathe off Pier 39's north-western side, but do this in the evening when the shops close.

Instead: Eat at the Swan Oyster Depot which is half fish market and half seafood bar. Visit between November and June when the local Dungeness crab is in season. For a taste of the waterfront life, don't miss the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for wonderful views of the bay from the promenade.

The thing about the London Eye is that to get a good view, you have to go when the city isn't covered in a blanket of fog, which isn't very often! You have to queue for a considerable amount of time to get to your pod and that's after you spend around £20 on a ticket. Once you're in you're trapped with a load of other tourists and if it is a sunny day you end up roasting for around half an hour. We're not saying it doesn't offer good views but there are cheaper alternatives in the capital.

Instead: Stretch your legs and take in the city from the top of The Monument for just £3. The building is bursting with character and you'll even get a certificate to prove you mastered the 311 steps. Or head for Primrose Hill for free views over London!

They may be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World but the Great Pyramids of Giza were voted one of the most disappointing tourist attractions in a Virgin Travel Insurance survey due to the "heat, hawkers and camel drivers" making a visit an "overwhelmingly stressful ordeal". If aggressive touts weren't enough, there's also too much litter, a KFC and Pizza Hut, and you can't actually touch the Sphinx or climb the pyramids.

Instead: Visit the Saqqara Pyramids which are far less crowded. You can wander inside tombs and get an excellent introduction to ancient Egyptian architecture at the Imhotep Museum.

The Vatican's Sistine Chapel is another beautiful tourist trap. You won't want to leave it off of your travel list but when you arrive, expect to see extremely long queues and huge crowds. The room is kept quite dark too so it can be difficult to take in and capture on camera. One AOL Travel user said: "Yes, Michelangelo's ceiling painting is amazing but you are packed like sardines and there is an official 'shusher' whose job is to go shhhh! if anyone dares to whisper."

Instead: Take a tour of the Vatican Gardens to skip the queues, marvel at the natural beauty of the 57-acre gardens and parks and enjoy the Vatican from outdoors.

The stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame are a symbol of the city, marking the achievement of the entertainment industry's actors, musicians and directors, but this so-called must-see is nothing more than stars' names etched into concrete. The street is not particularly glamorous either and you'll find celebrity impersonators and tacky souvenir shops, with no real stars around.

Instead: Check out the TCL Chinese Theater where you'll find handprints and autographs of the stars in concrete and can take a VIP tour of the historic monument to learn about the history of the theatre and spot real celebs at film premieres.

This ancient group of mystery stones is pretty magical when you think about it but upon visiting you'll discover that Stonehenge isn't how it looks in the pictures. Not only is it wedged between two busy roads, you also can't get very close to the stones thanks to tourists chipping off pieces of the rocks as souvenirs in the past. And you still have to pay an admission fee but there's no accompanying visitor's centre or museum.

Instead: Check out the stone circle Avebury in Wiltshire which has an entire town set inside it. Avebury was voted the second best heritage site in the world by Which? Travel readers.

Ask anyone what you should do in New York and they'll most probably say go to the top of the Empire State Building but what they may forget to say is that you'll need to queue for what seems like hours - queue to get in the building, queue for the lift, queue to buy tickets and queue to get onto the observation deck! It's one of the most famous New York attractions and offers great views of the Chrysler Building and the Flatiron Building from 1,050 feet above street level but is it worth all the queuing?

Instead: Take in the view from the Top of the Rock observation deck at the Rockefeller Center. It's less crowded, offers brilliant views of the Empire State Building and out across the city. You also book a timeslot so you don't have to waste time standing in line.

It's one of the world's most famous museums and home to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting but what the guide books won't tell you about the Musée du Louvre is that you'll have to pay 11 euros to enter and the painting which, let's face it, is the only reason many people enter, is barely bigger than a postage stamp! It's in fact 77cm x 52cm but you'll have difficulty getting close to the portrait with the crowds of tourists blocking your view.

Instead: Check out the Gustave Moreau Museum for an intimate experience with art. The museum is one of the most overlooked in the world and is home to 6,000 otherworldly paintings and sketches by Symbolist painter Gustave Moreau.

Ok, so you have to see Times Square at least once as it's part of the 'New York, New York' experience but it's definitely a place we'd recommend you to look at but not touch! Chain restaurants, big flashing ads and LOTS of tourists are what you'll find in Times Square. The locals avoid it and the area's so busy that once you're in you'll have trouble escaping. Unless you're there to see a Broadway show, we'd recommend staying away.

Instead: Get an authentic Big Apple experience by walking through Chelsea Market and the High Line. Stop for coffee in the West Village and there's always a quiet spot to be found in Central Park.


The Filthiest Tourist Attractions on the Planet

What Do Tourists Think of the Brits?

What Nobody Tells You About Your Favorite Tourist Attractions

Embarrassing things tourists do abroad
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Is this the world's worst tourist attraction?
Save your bikini for the beach! While men walking around topless and women wearing Daisy Dukes and a bikini top to hit the shops may be accepted in your local town, not covering up abroad could get you arrested. Majorca recently introduced a bikini ban meaning tourists caught topless or wearing swimwear on the streets could be fined £500.
Last year, a tourist in Rome was chased and threatened by three street performers for not tipping them. While the men were rightly arrested over their behaviour, you might want to find out the tipping etiquette of the country you're visiting. But don't worry if you haven't mastered this as even our Prime Minister isn't the best holiday tipper. David Cameron was criticised for not tipping a waitress on holiday in Tuscany a few years back. Dave paid for his coffee with a 50 euro note but failed to leave any coins for the waitress. Embarrassing!
Most people like to relax with a drink on holiday but when you find yourself running through the streets naked or hanging off the hotel balcony, you know you've had too much. Drinks tend to be a lot stronger in other countries too and in some places the alcohol isn't even measured. A recent study by found that 37 per cent of Brits have their first holiday tipple within an hour of checking in to their hotel.
We get that most tourists like their home comforts and slip a few tea bags in their hand luggage so they can sip a nice brew as they watch the sunset from the hotel balcony, but is it really necessary to pack a potato peeler and sardines? A British Airways survey found that other silly things holidaymakers pack for a holiday abroad are kettles, Marmite and tomatoes.
You don't want to be the tourist who damaged a 500-year-old sculpture so follow the 'Do not touch' rules. A Chinese tourist who etched his name on an ancient Egyptian monument last year caused outrage in China. The 15-year-old boy wrote 'Ding Jinhao wuz here' on the almost 3,500-year-old Luxor Temple. Then there was the time an American tourist visiting Florence's Museo dell'Opera del Duomo accidentally snapped a finger off a 600-year-old statue of the Virgin Mary. Patrick Broderick, 55, who happened to be a surgeon, was trying to compare his finger to one on the marble statue when it broke off. Cringe!
How difficult is it to remember to leave the animals alone? Some of the most embarrassing things tourists have done to local wildlife include riding manatees, getting drunk and charging at an elephant, manhandling a dolphin for a photo and even catching and cooking a rare octopus! The woman who thought it was a good idea to touch and ride a protected manatee in Florida was forced to hand herself in to police when photographs of her were taken. Luckily the harmless animal wasn't hurt, but the holidaymaker could have been locked up for 60 days.
Ivory, knock-off purses and exotic animals are some of the souvenirs that could land you in trouble at the airport. In 2012, a British holidaymaker was stopped at Cardiff Airport when she returned from a trip to Morocco with a handbag made from a WHOLE iguana. The bag, which included the animal's head and claws, was quickly confiscated by custom officers as iguanas are on a list of endangered animal skins and is illegal in Britain. Alex Lawther, assistant director of the Border Force in Wales, warned tourists about not buying animal skin bags at markets and bazaars on their exotic holidays. "My message to holidaymakers is simple - don't do it," he said. "At best, you will have these items taken off you and at worst you could face a criminal conviction."
Getting arrested while on holiday is one way to make a bad impression and it often happens when tourists don't make the effort to find out the local laws. A Foreign Office poll found that two thirds of Britons don't find out the laws of the country their visiting, putting themselves at risk. Wearing camouflage in Barbados, making satirical jokes about the Thai royal family and wearing a bikini in the streets of Barcelona are all crimes that could get you arrested.
Carrying a bumbag, wearing a visor and talking loudly are all signs that shout 'tourist'. Taking your behaviour down a notch and adopting a country's style with your clothing, will help you blend in. If you don't want to look like a typical tourist, you might want to avoid carrying your massive backpack everywhere and leaving the socks with sandals look at home.
Innocent hand gestures at home don't always mean the same abroad. For example, the okay sign with your thumb and forefinger are highly vulgar in Greece and Turkey. Be careful where you're pointing when asking for directions too as it's rude to point in so many countries that you may just want to use an open hand instead. And don't use the thumbs up sign in the Middle East as in many countries it means 'up yours!'
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