Blackpool clamps down on stag and hen do 'costumes'

Blackpool clamping down on revealing hen and stag do costumes

Blackpool is to clamp down on raucous stag and hen dos - by banning provocatively dressed parties in the town centre during the day.

The seaside resort is a popular destination for men and women celebrating their last days of 'freedom', but councillors are concerned the revealing outfits and drunken behaviour are threatening its image as a family destination, and putting other visitors off.

The Independent reports that Blackpool is likely to become one of the first places to introduce the government's new Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), which came into operation today.

Blackpool Councillor Gillian Campbell said the town did not want to outlaw stags and hens, but keep more control over them.

According to the Metro, Ms Campbell spoke to BBC Radio Lancashire, saying: "We are very keen on those [PSPOs] for our town centre to ban what a lot of people would class as anti-social behaviour – things like street drinking, public nudity.

"We have a lot of stags and hens that come to Blackpool."

She added that, for example, dressing up in silly costumes would be better left until later when there are no families around.

Police will be able to fine individuals £100 using the orders, if they are deemed to be acting in a way that has a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those around them.

They can also be used for other anti-social problems, including spitting, and aggressive begging. Some suggest the rules have been so widely drawn they will also be used for things like parents parking too close to schools during drop-off times, and busking.

And not everybody thinks it's a good idea.

Josie Appleton, of the civil rights group, Manifesto Club, told the Daily Mail: "This move to regulate public dress - and to make it a criminal offence to dress inappropriately - represents a worrying move of the state into questions of fashion and mores.

"There are laws against public disorder - a measure such as this will make the mere showing of cleavage into a criminal offence.

"And who in the council will be appointed the judge of what is and is not inappropriate dress? Will there be official measures issued for the length of ladies' skirts?"

She added: "The trouble with these powers is that they are completely open-ended and a blank cheque. Local authorities can write anything on it that they potentially don't like or someone wants to ban. This criminalises clothing that council officials don't like."

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Blackpool clamps down on stag and hen do 'costumes'

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