Reindeer walkers: and other odd festive jobs

Garden centre advertises for reindeer walkers over the Christmas period: bizarre festive jobs


Garsons Garden Centre in Titchfield Hampshire has advertised for reindeer walkers during the Christmas period. The successful candidates will be expected to take them for regular walks, feed them, and introduce them to visitors.

A director of the centre told The Mirror: "It's a bit more unusual than your average Christmas temp job. It is going to be a magical experience. We need some quite special staff to help us." The Portsmouth News added that they were looking for someone who was good with animals and with people - but they don't have to have prior reindeer experience.

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Unusual festive jobs up for grabs

If anyone wants to get in touch with their inner elf, it's not a bad way to make some money over the festive period - assuming you're a fan of beasts with antlers. And it's far from the only Christmassy job up for grabs at the moment. Here are five of our favourites.

Christmas tree decorator

Frosts Landscape Construction is currently advertising for Christmas tree decorators, who will deliver and decorate trees in people's homes in Milton Keynes. The hourly rate is £7.20 - although there's a risk it could put you off doing the job in your own home for life.

Christmas tree maze monitor

The Southbank Centre is currently looking for people to staff its Christmas tree maze on the Southbank in London. You'll need to take tickets, meet and greet visitors, make sure not too many go in a once, and be on hand to dig out anyone who gets lost and freaks out. The advert describes the latter part of the job as 'keep visitor safety as your top priority'.

Ice rink hand-holder

The temporary ice rink in Shepherds Bush in London is looking for Ice Marshalls. You will get to hand out skates and boss people around when they skate in the wrong direction. However, you will also be expected to help people out when they are struggling - which can only mean holding their hand.


There are a range of jobs available manning grottos all over the country. Office Angels is currently recruiting for one in Bracknell, at an impressive £14 an hour. The advert specifies that 'Elf and Safety' training is compulsory. It adds that "you must be happy to stay in character at all times when public facing."

Shop window dresser

The Harrods shop windows are a Christmas tradition, and the store is currently recruiting a window dresser. You'll be too late for this year's windows - as the Christmas shopping season kicked off in August. However, if you get the job, there's a good chance you'll be getting stuck into next Christmas' window designs next summer.

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