Video: Racer gives insight into how to drive fast on track

Dion von Moltke racing driving lesson
YouTube / Dion von Moltke

Think being a racing driver is all about squeezing into race overalls, jumping in your car and just pinning the throttle around every bend as the car takes the strain? Think again.
Racing driver Dion von Moltke talks us through exactly how to get the best lap time around the challenging Laguna Seca circuit in California in this video.

And the key to lapping fast comes in two halves; first off you have to drive hard when testing the car. "Almost overdrive the car,'' says von Moltke, to gauge the setup of the car, the level of grip and the balance between understeer and oversteer to work out whether it will be the front or rear of the car which lets go first if you overcook things.

And as for hot laps themselves, the second part is all about finesse. By pushing the car hard in test laps drivers can make the most of the speed and grip the car can offer, without going hell for leather and making costly mistakes in races themselves.

Wise words, we think. Watch the video for yourself, below (hat tip to Car Throttle):

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