Nepal disaster: Young Brits send family message saying they are safe

Nepal Blizzard Kills More Than 20, Leaves Others Stranded

Two young British trekkers have contacted their families saying they are safe and well after they were feared dead following the deadly avalanches in Nepal.

Jade House and Oliver De Paolis, both 24, sent their families messages to say they are "fine".

Jade's mother, Angela, 48, said the couple were on a round-the-world trip after graduating from Birmingham University last year.

"I had a WhatsApp message from Jade saying, 'Just to let you know we are fine, far from the weather and avalanche,'" Angela told the Daily Mail.

More than 40 people are still reported missing and more than 300 have been rescued.

British trekker John Holmes, from Derbyshire, took shelter for 36 hours when the storm struck.

His wife Madeleine told the Daily Telegraph that his guide sent an email to say he was safe.

"The storms started on Wednesday and we didn't know until the e-mail was sent out via the guide's satellite phone on the Thursday," she said. "We were beside ourselves."

The BBC reports that the search for survivors has now ended and the government is focusing on recovering bodies buried in the snow.

At least 39 people are known to have died.

Nepalese, Canadian, Indian, Japanese, Israeli, Slovak, Vietnamese and Polish trekkers are believed to be among the dead.

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