Freebie Friday: your ticket to this week's best freebies

Sarah Coles
A cute little dog wearing a mask ready for the apple bobbing to begin at a Halloween party in a barn.
A cute little dog wearing a mask ready for the apple bobbing to begin at a Halloween party in a barn.

The forward-planners will love this week's freebies. There are free half term cinema tickets for those planning a week in advance, free Halloween decorations and costumes for those planing a couple of weeks ahead. And free Christmas presents (and a bag to make the Christmas shopping easier) for those getting a couple of months' jump on the festivities. And for those who don't tend to plan much beyond tea time, there's a freebie for dinner too.

Scares for free
If you're not yet a member of you could get Halloween goodies for free. New members can get up to £7.50 cashback on Halloween purchases from George at Asda including costumes and decorations. There's no minimum purchase, so spend less than this and you'll get your goodies for free. To get the money you need to sign up to then find the deal on the blog, and click through to make your purchases. The cashback will appear in your account within 14 days.
Two free Disney DVDs
To be clear from the outset, you're going to have to choose between this and the Halloween freebie, because they are both for new members of This one is a brilliant twist on the current promotion Disney is running where when you buy one Disney DVD you get another for free. In this instance, through Zavvi you can get cashback on the one you buy (up to £12.99) - so they are both free. You just need to visit the site and register for your freebie.

Free bag
Waterstones are giving away free tote bags printed with the words 'Books are my Bag'. The users of warn that there are only a limited number at each store, so it may be a good idea to phone ahead and ask them to reserve a bag for you. There's no minimum spend, so if you have the brass neck you can pick up a cheap piece of stationery and ask for a bag.

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Australian Pizza Hut Pulls Free Pet Promo

Free cinema tickets for kids
If you subscribe to the Sun Newspaper, you'll get signed up to Sun Perks. There are loads of freebies on offer - which users have to weigh up against the £7.99 a month charge. However, at the moment you'll get your first month for free, so if you cancel in time you can take advantage of the perks for nothing.

At the moment there are codes so you can take up to five children to Odeon Kids every weekend for the next month (normally the deal is that everyone in the party pays children's prices). There are also two-for-one deals on theme parks, and free kids' ebooks.

Free sesame dressing sample
Sesame dressing is unlikely to take centre stage in many kitchen cabinets, but when it's free it's always worth giving a try. Kikkoman is giving away free samples. All you have to do is complete your details online, and agree to provide feedback when you've tried the dressing itself.

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