Rally competitor driven by blind determination

Peugeot rally car

It's often said that rally drivers are so reliant on their co-driver calling out pace notes to navigate through demanding competition stages, that they needn't look out of the windscreen at all. If you've ever seen a WRC car being piloted at full speed through dense fog, you'd certainly give that notion some credibility.
One French rally driver took things a bit far recently at the Rallye terre des Cardabelles, though, keeping his accelerator pinned to the bulkhead, despite his vision being obscured by his bonnet, which had flown upwards and smashed into the windscreen.

Not one to let something as trivial as that get in his way, our fearless driver adheres to the old adage of 'when in doubt, flat out', and skilfully pilots his battered Peugeot along the course – even managing to get it sideways – despite not being able to see a thing.

Check out his courageous driving in the short clip below. We'd advise you not to try anything similar at home.

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