Idiot driver survives double lorry impact

Ford Focus crash

"He'll cause an accident the way he's driving" – words no doubt uttered at one point or another by the majority of motorway users when confronted by an impatient idiot, weaving in between lanes and generally driving like a moron in an attempt to get ahead.
We'd wager these were the words uttered by the truck driver in the video below, moments before this epic collision, which was captured on his dash cam.

Cutting across two lanes of traffic in an attempt to reach a motorway slip road, this Belgian Ford Focus driver follows another vehicle so closely she doesn't notice that the traffic has backed up on the exit lane, and ploughs into the back of a lorry at full speed.

As if this wasn't enough, her car then bounces back into the path of fast-flowing traffic, where it is smashed into again.

Unbelievably, given the ferocity of the impact, the driver – 25-year-old Jasmien Claeys – survived with two broken vertebrae and a severely broken hand, though she was in a coma for a short while following the crash.

Click play to watch the footage below, and remember it the next time you're running late on the motorway

(With thanks to Car Throttle)

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