​Haggle to save an average of 10.3 per cent on a new car

New car discounts

Many Brits may view haggling as a dirty word, but new car buyers who barter on the price of a new vehicle can, on average, save 10.3 per cent – a 12-month high. This means that someone buying a £20,000 car could potentially cut £2,060 from the price they pay.
Depending on the model buyers are looking at, they could save much more than that if they're prepared to drive a hard bargain, with savings of over 30 per cent to be found on some cars, a new survey has found.

Research carried out by What Car? found that someone in the market for a BMW 7 Series could slash £18,650 from the list price of a brand new car, simply by negotiating with the salesperson. The reason for the substantial discount in this case was the fact that this car is about to be replaced and so dealers are keen to offload old stock.

However, luxury car buyers can also find big discounts on other models, with average savings on premium models around 17 per cent, writes the Mirror. The size of savings also varies by manufacturer, this research discovered. Volvo dealers on average were willing to drop prices by just under 15 per cent, while Renault followed closely behind with savings of 13.6 per cent.

Other car segments, which are more in demand, such as city cars and small family cars, did experience a reduction in discounts, though some popular small off-roaders, including the BMW X1 are available with average savings of 8.4 per cent.

What Car? editor Jim Holder said: "For months now, we've been told that the increased new car sales volumes mean that discounts will disappear, but the insight offered by our Target Price team shows that you can still get a healthy amount of money off if you are prepared to haggle."
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