Couple sell family cat along with their home

Couple Sell Family Home Including Pet Cat in the Deal
An Australian couple agreed to sell their family cat in order to increase the value of their home by A$140,000 (£75,000).

According to Sky News, a potential buyer saw the Melbourne house and insisted they would only buy it if Tiffany the cat was included.

The Perceval family received a bid of £2,060,000 AUD after auctioning their five-bedroom home.

The real estate agent then approached the family to say that the child of one of the bidders had become smitten with the house cat during a recent viewing.

The bidder offered to buy the house for £2.2 million AUD, as long as Tiffany was part of the deal, reports.

The Perceval family agreed to the new terms which saw the value of their home increase by by A$140,000 (£75,000).

While the family said they would be sad to see four-year-old Tiffany leave, they do have two dogs, two rabbits and a fish to fall back on, reports the Independent.

Would you give up your beloved family pet in exchange for £76,000? Let us know in the comments below.

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Russia's biggest bank, Sberbank has also jumped on the cat-bandwagon, offering a free cat with every mortgage. It offers a choice of ten different breeds, and your cat of choice will be sent round when you move in.

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