Lamborghini Countach Abandoned on Tower Bridge

Abandoned Lamborghini Countach
The Telegraph

The driver of a Lamborghini Countach was arrested this week, after he abandoned his car on Tower Bridge during peak time traffic.
After initially not being able to get in contact with the owner, a recovery vehicle was called to the scene with instructions to remove the vehicle.

The police were keen to speak to the driver due to the disruption caused as the classic supercar was left unattended on the busy city-centre road at around 6.30pm on Wednesday evening.

Spectators and social media commentators were quick to compare the incident to the scene in 'The Wolf of Wall Street", where character Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) ruins his own Lamborghini Countach.

However, the owner was soon tracked down when police checked the car's number plate. They discovered that the plate was registered to a Land Rover, the owner had a warrant out for his arrest for alleged harassment and the reason the car was abandoned was because it had run out of petrol.

Click play below to view footage of the rare supercar being removed from Tower Bridge.

Author: Padraig Mallett
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